Unable to see file option on google chrome in 1 basics

Unable to see file option on google chrome in html basics 1

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Hi @jevilpatel568

Can you please elaborate on the issue you are facing? If you are referring to the file option in Subline Text Editor , then it will be located on the top left of the screen.

Incase you are referring the download links for the code editors, then we we have now added the links below the video " Development environment for writing code in HTML" in HTML - Basics 1.

If you still face issues, please feel free to get back to us

Hey Jevil !!
Please select the file which you wants to open and press right click on it then select the option open with google chrome.

Hi. ,@jevilpatel568 you open ‘computer’ and select the desktop option as it is saved in desktop find the file and right click on it . It opens the menu, go for ‘open with’ option, where you find the google chrome if you have downloaded . Else, download it. You can also try in other browser but better to stick on to chrome as it is mentioned in the course

Hii there,
To open file in gogle chrome, go to files section and right click on the file you want to open in chrome and then select open with chrome. in this way you will be able to open the file in chrome.

Select the file >
Right click on the file >
Hover on the Open With option in the select menu that appears >
Select Google Chrome.

Opening Local HTML Files:
● Right-click on the HTML file you want to open.
● Click on “Properties.”
● Under the “General” tab, click “Change.”
● Select Google Chrome and click “Set default.”

Alternative Method:
● Create a new shortcut for chrome.exe.
● Right-click on the shortcut and go to “Properties.”
● Change the target from “c:\path\to\chrome.exe” to “c:\path\to\chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-file”.
● Run Chrome using this modified shortcut and drag and drop your HTML files to open them.