Unable to see uploaded image on my first webpage

I have write my html code . And i have used tag to upload image on webpage.my image is uploaded but we can see only small box. please guide me .

You have not entered the image name in src. Please enter the image name with appropriate extension after Documents.

It should look like:


This is the exact format.Just replace the folder names accordingly

Use image extension also in your HTML code

hello sir,
I have written as you said but i have got same result, its not working .what exactly mistake i did.

hellow sir ,
I have used image extension in my HTML code but though i am getting same result.
please can you find what exactly mistake i have repeated.

I think your image is in the folder New Folder and image name is mom_dad. Please make it:

C:/…/Documents/New Folder/mom_dad.jpeg.

Also, please verify if image is in jpeg format.

If you don’t get the image from your folder path , instead use chrome image(right click of image )copy image address and paste it DONE!!!

After New folder add forward slash " \ "
Problem Solved…
C:\…\Documents\New Folder\mom_dad.jpeg.

yes sir,
it works ,thanks for the your valuable guidence ,I am very happy with bolt forum.