Unable to take trainning

This is a query regarding the online iot and ml training. I have received the hardware kit and paid on cash on delivery method. It has been over weeks and i haven’t been able to access the course till now. I didn’t receive the access code too. The payment status shows “awaiting delivery confirmation”. What is the next step i should be taking to access the course ?

This generally happens if the kit is delivered but the delivery agents have not updated the status as Delivered.
I such a case, our system won’t detect that the amount has been received for the kit and hence the access won’t be provided.

Can you please share the email id that you used to purchase the kit?
We shall manually provide the course access once you provide your email id or the order number.

Even I have the same problem. I have received the ki and paid for the kit by hand but I haven’t got the access to the course. I has been more than a week. Please help me with it. My mail address : eashwarsaisumanth@yahoo.com


Can you please login to the training page and check now? Your payment status should be updated.

In your case, can you please revert back to the reply that we have provided to the email that you had sent to support@boltiot.com?