Unable to use the bolt module on college internet

I am able to connect my bolt cloud through the mobile data but same gets impossible for me to connect by college wifi as their are restrictions in their internet.
So , in this case what should I do??


Your college maybe have restricted the use of their network for these cases. They might have allowed only few IPs. We have seen many cases where college has restricted their network for watching YT videos and such.

There is a very little we can do from our side but you can try requesting the network administrator to unblock this particular IP because it’s for educational purpose.

Nevertheless the Bolt module consumes little to very less data and you can choose to continue using via phone.

there is a restriction from college to access internet

your collage wifi will have restrictions for using wifi . in this case you can use the hotspot from the laptop connnected to your collage wifi

hi @20BSM013 your university may have open wifi network with no password and bolt wifi module can’t be connected to open wifi networks due to security issues. In that case,you need to change your position where there it is not connecting to open wifi networks.You can take hotspot from your friend’s phone and then connect to bolt cloud as it is wifi with some password and is secured network .Now bolt module will connect to your friend’s mobile hotspot and BLUE and GREEN LED should be ON that means now it is connected to bolt cloud