Uncaught SyntaxtError Invalid regular express missing while plotting the graph

I got error while doing 1st project that light monitoring project. Error
“Please check your product code at line 1, character 1
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: missing /”

send the screenshot of the code that you wrote.

In your code , you didn’t closed the comment statement ,that’s why it is giving this type of error. What actually happened is that since in your code’s comment statement second slash (/) sign is missing after the second asterisk (*) sign ,your whole code is now being considered as a comment and that’s why it is giving a syntax error.

Your code should be like:

/* start tying your code here*/

I hope this would be helpful.

You forgot to add the forward slash(/) symbol at the end of the comment in line 1. You can also remove the comment if you want. And choose a file extension.

Hi @skalok42,

Remove the below line from your code and it will start working. That is an HTML comment that does not support the inside javascript code.

/*start your typing your code here*