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I am listing the companies below, which are newly added to the list.

  1. 3PVisionX Private Limited
  2. 9 Pointers Tech Private Limited
  3. Labchild Solutions
  4. AgentInsights
  5. Oralens LLC
  6. Improvians
  7. Fluxion Dynamic Technologies Private Limited
  8. One Accord
  9. Onivart Design Studio Private Limited
  10. Navyug Infosolutions Private Limited
  11. Ground Screw Private Limited
  12. Planet Cellulloid Private Limited
  13. Cendrol Construction Contracts Private Limited
  14. Digi-Lateral Solutions
  15. Flowboard Technologies Private Limited
  16. Harptec Software Private Limited
  17. Cyvero Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd.
  18. Finhence
  19. Helping Hut (NGO)
  20. Mobzway Technologies