Update boltiot android app

Kindly update the Boltiot android app to work on latest versions of android like 10,11,… I tried connecting to the bolt device but it doesnt work.


Apologies for the issues. You can mention your feedbacks on our mail support@boltiot.com.

The Boltiot android app works perfectly well on android 10 version just uninstall it and re-install the app. For further issues you can mail to support@boltiot.com.

Hi there! If I were you, I would write to the support team. The issues must be fixed soon. I hope their guys are as nice as those from https://smartengines.com/. In my case, they helped me fix many issues with my apps. In fact, I consider that listening to the feedback of any customer is crucial. It can determine you fix the issues of your app and become better. I don’t understand those developers who don’t pay attention to complaints. It’s such a turnoff.

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