Update frimware via USB to serial

How to update frimware of your old bolt module

I did not connect this for a while now if I give power both green and blue led stays on, permanently and those did not connect to any wifi

I tried turning off all wifi’s even if I power it both leads stay on

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@pavanthatipamula6 go to the dashboard of your cloud account. Under the Devices tab locate your device. In that section click on the 03 dots and there you will find device info section.

Then click on Update firmware. This will do the needful

The problem is my ssid and password changed, the bolt module is offline,

The green light is on. It looks like it is connected to the cloud.

Check if you’re using the right email ID

No bro, actually I turned of my Hotspot and we don’t have a wifi in radi of atleast 1kmsq. So no way to connect to internet, still showing both leds turned on,

Seems like your module is damaged. I cannot assure you of a replacement, as it’s been more than a year.

But do send a mail to support@boltiot.com and attach a video of your device malfunction.

Once your module is connected to the cloud, you will be able to update the firmware from there. Other than that, if you have your API and Device ID saved anywhere, you can try resetting your module.

Try to do the setup of device again.

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