Upload the video of project

where to upload the video of project?

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You should upload this video on hackster.io as a live project

Can’t we upload the link other than this hackster.io ?
Like upload the project video in drive & upload the link to Bolt cloud?

Hello likhithan.16ee,
You should upload the video of your project on youtube on your channel. after that you will be given a sharable link of your video on youtube. copy this code and paste it in the hackster.io where you are writing story of your project video.
after that it will be shown on your project page.

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thanks!, it was really helpful.

You have to upload your project video ONLY ON [hackster. io](http://hackster. io). You can’t upload on any other platform after which you will get your certification.

can anyone help me to find solution for this things.
1.where i have to post the video of the project.
2.should i record the videos of all the projects or only for final project.