Video buffer issue while viewing the lectures

hi everyone
I am dealing with an issue that most of you are also dealing with video buffer issue due to this issue we keep having to restart the video and skip the until where the video starts buffering so we can view the next part and this cost little time but little time stack onto each other and the overall all progress become slow and also it is little frustrating too
my question is all of you is that other than skipping the timeline(sometimes it doesn’t work only this method) does anyone got any sort of permanent solution to overcome this issue

Hi @saimnakhwa.02,
Your internet connection must be slow/unstable. Please try using an alternative network and let me know if it works.

@raghav.srivastava when I use this same network to watch youtube or any other it works fine I have never faced the issue of buffer
and also I tried different networks I have VODAFONE and I used its hotspot but same issue rises
but only with airtel, the problem occurs but not for long but its is my brother’s number i can’t use it for long

some network providers Block streaming services. Contact your ISP and ask them to allow streaming services.

I am able to watch it, it’s not blocked just faced the buffer issue when i started to watch the video in a phone today and it does not buffer in it

@saimnakhwa.02 it may be the case that the available RAM on your phone is low. Try closing all the background apps while watching the course.