Video making For innovative project

While making video for innovative project what should the videos contain??
I’m making temperature monitoring system for this, please say what should the video must contain

The vedio should contain what your project is,how is that working and speak something about how you are getting the temperature

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  1. Does it(video) should include 'add products, hardware, code’e.t.c.,
    (Or) only graph explanation
  2. In my project (temperature monitoring device )the graph is between temperature and time, should I keep my project in at diffrent temperature (from 0 to 25degrees),so that graph will change
    (Or) It will change automatically sir here is the screen shot. ![1577282167265|680x316]
    Did you get my point sir

@sreejavijayagiri You do not have to explain other things about your project. It should only explain the final working of the project and does not have to be very long.