Virtual Private Server using Windows Subsystem For Linux

Is it possible to setup the VPS by running Ubuntu natively on Windows using the Windows Subsytem for Linux ?I have Ubuntu installed natively in Windows and i tried the steps in the module ( Bolt Python Library : Project 6 : Checking Device Status and Restarting the Device). I got the following error. The required packages are imported correctly and the api key and the device id has been checked thrice but still the error persists.
PS: Snapshots attached.!

Edit 1 :

Tried using python3 but the problem still persists. Attached the snapshot links.

Hi @ChinthanRk,

Your setup is fine, the error is in your code. Check your conf file, if you have enter device id correctly.

Also share your code so that we can debug your issue.

Also remember you are using python2.7 and in trainings all the experiment is done using python3 so you might face some syntax error for some of the code.

@rahul.singh1 updated the question with necessary details.

Hi @ChinthanRk,

Your device id is incorrect. It is BOLT1115486. Also hide your api key from the forum.