VMware error : VMware Player unrecoverable error

you should change the path for installing the Ubuntu. don’t save it in C: drive use D: drive or other.
I think you should download and install VMWare version 10 or 11 it is easier to handle n to use

still same error is there

uninstall your VMWare fully then delete the VMWare related files from C:\Program Files clear your temp files.
and then install lower version of VMWare it again if there is same problem
use this link to download lower version:

or download VirtualBox

for Ubuntu, use Server version 16.04:

I think some imp files are missing

or you can contact to VMWare support

can you suggest some other solution because the error is still there

U can also use VirtualBox

Or u can also install Ubuntu desktop version 16.04 as a secondary OS in ur PC/laptop in desktop version u can continue ur lecture on Firefox

watch this tutorial …it really works
follow up the instructions as provided in the video.
My problem was also the same .

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