Want to cancel my order of hardware kit

Sorry but i want to cancel my order as i accidently made two orders at a time.

@sahilmehra2706 We have cancelled your duplicate order.

i want to cancel my order


Can you please revert back with your order id?

Hi @PPV,
I bought the BoltIOT kit and got it delivered today.
It says the course will be available within 2 working days.
Due to the corona virus outbreak, are these considered working days?
When should I expect my course to be available?

Hii @krishc1999 the same condition was happened with me i recieved my kit on 17th march and got the access today in evening so there might be a possblity bcoz of COVID-19 but you should try to login on cloud.boltiot.com/training and check training details

Thanks a lot :blush: