Want to create an account in digitalocean with different email address

Hello. I created an account in digitalocean, but i deactivated because of some issues ( I destroyed the droplet i created) . I want to create an account with a different email address will I get those $10 credits or not now?

And also if i reactive my account it is asking me to register again. but there is no option of registration

Hi, the answer for your question i.e., Will I get that $10 credits is probably no and can I know why did your droplet account destroyed.

Try using Linux OS it is really cool to work with it and one more advantage is you can use this OS for life time

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@richal.pandey45 Use this link https://m.do.co/c/679338b50344 with a new email ID that is not registered on DigitalOcean before.

it will not charge me anything right?

@richal.pandey45 DO will charge a small amount to your card and refund it within 2-3 days. This is just a verification charge.
If you exceed the 10$ limit, then you will be charged.