What is the accuracy, upper limit, lower limit of the detected light with the help of the LDR?


(1) What is the unit of output we are getting?

(2) Is there any accuracy of the obtained result?

(3) Whether output can go beyond the 1.02 thousand or not?

Thank you.

1)In Kilo lumens
2)Almost accurate
3)After crossing 1.02 lumens shows only 1.02 as the reading

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Hi @sarthakpatele305,
(1)The output is just a number proportional to voltage between 0V - 1V, which is the voltage sensed by the ADC(Analog to digital converter).

(2)The value is directly proportional to the amount of light falling on the LDR. Check out this article to learn more.

(3)No the output cannot go above 1023 or 1.02 thousand, as it is the upper limit of the 10-bit Analog to digital converter of the Bolt Module. Basically, the ADC can sense 1024 different voltage levels between 0V and 1V, 0 representing 0V and 1023 representing 1V. Anything above 1V will be considered 1023 as well.

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Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for your clear explanation.

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