What is the error here in project 9?

Processing: IMG_20211220_004430[1].jpg…


Similar query has already been resolved in the past.

You can search for the error you receive in the forum and check if a similar query from the past already exists or not.

If you don’t find anything similar, then you can go ahead and post it on the forum.

Change the Indent of except block to match with that of try block.
except Exception as e:

also make changes to the time.sleep(10). Its indentation looks different than other block of code.

what is the error again.please help me…


We have already answered to your query in this thread.

but its stillshowing error


I can already see that you have not made the correction.

I will paste the solution from the mentioned thread.

Make sure the ‘except’ is on the same column as the try. That means, it should be exactly below it, instead of being shifted to the right.

this time i typed the ‘except’ and ‘try’ on the same column…now whats the error ?


As it is mentioned in the error message itself

File “/home/ubuntu/conf.py”, line 1

That means line 1 of your conf.py has the error.

sudo nanoSID = 'You can find.....'

You are supposed to put the SID token from your Twilio dashboard.
And the variable should be defined like below method,

SID = 'Your SID from Twilio Dashboard'

Regarding the SID, Twilio has been taught as well in the training. You are suggested to complete all the training modules serially and thouroughly.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

@Amrita_dey You have to learn to debug using the error message shown in the message itself. It’s told that error occurred while executing line 1 of conf.py file

And it seems like you have not mentioned The Twilio SID in the SID variable, you have to assign the value there which you can find from the Twilio dashboard of yours and you have just commented it as
SID = ‘Your SID from Twilio Dashboard’

ok now whats the error?


Please refer to the provided solution.

[ image removed ]
[ image removed ]
the SID is similar ,but still its showing error…


I don’t see the SID variable in the 2nd image, it scrolled down. Open the conf.py file and send a screenshot of the file. (with all the variables visible)

[ image removed from post ]


As you can see on the very first line,

So, remove ‘sudo nano’ and only put ‘SID’ over there.

so after typing “SID”, shall i type the the no. of SID token,
or “you can find…”?


Of course the Account SID Token from Twilio.

what is the error?


Looks like there is a space in your file name in between. You have written conf .py while it is supposed to be conf