What is the standard value of the LDR project?

I get a variation in my answers and the hardware and program works well and I’ve done some research on how an LDR works but nowhere has it shown what is the standard value. In the tabular form it just shows the numeric value not what it stands for as in ohms or volt. Also what exactly are we measuring here? Is it light intensity or the difference in the current absorbed by the 2 resistors?

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Thanks so much this was helpful:)

Here we are measuring voltage across the resistor as the resistor is connected in between A0 pin and GND pin(Check for last line hardware connections section under Project 1 tab in trainings for confirmation).

In documentation of bolt module - https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/bolt-wifi-module, A0 pin operates or converts voltage in range of 0-1V. As A0 pin is analog to digital converter, it converts analog voltage data to digital voltage data, so it must only be sending voltage readings.

But the data shown in Bolt cloud is of thousand or hundreds, so the readings must have unit of millivolts so as to satisfy 0-1V range.

Hope that’s helpful!


Yes, it is thanks so much!