What should I do next after connecting Bolt with my mobile hotspot?


I have connected my Bolt IoT with my mobile hotspot, now the blue light is stable. I am trying to open NETPLUG app but it states “enable wifi adapter” what should I do? Moreover, I am unable to add my BOLT device on BOLT mobile app, please help with that also. And also if I want to change my SSID and password what should I do?

Hi @kaocooper23
You can use a Netplug app in a mobile from which you are creating the hotspot.
Also, note that Netplug app support only Bolt version < 2. If you are using bolt version <= 2 then download boltiot app.

If you want to register your bolt to cloud then connect your laptop to your mobile wi-fi network and install Advance IP scanner in your laptop.
Now search for bolt IP address and type bolt_ip/register?email=rahul.singh@invebtrom.com
For example, if the bolt_ip is 192.168.4
Then type

Thank you for replying. I have both Netplug and BoltIoT app and I think my Bolt version is <2. I had opened Netplug but as soon as I enter it shows “enable wifi adapter” ( I am using my mobile hotspot for both my laptop and BOLT). And where should I search this ----> “192.168.4/register?email=example@gmail.com” in my browser or Advance IP scanner?

First, find the IP address of bolt using Advanced IP scanner software. Then type the bolt_ip/register?email=rahul.singh@invebtrom.com in the chrome browser in your laptop.
Before proceeding any experiment, I will suggest you go through the basics of bolt https://tutorial.boltiot.com/bolt_iot/course?use_last_location=true