When will be the bolt iot cloud pro features be available

I have a doubt that when will we have access to bolt iot cloud pro features

Also i am unable to see my raspberry Pi device on bilt iot app


Few of the features are already available, and the rest are yet to be deployed publicly. When any of thenew feature is out, we post it on our social media handles. So I can ask you sit tight and wait for these features to roll out.

Regarding your R-Pi, that seems to be a different query. Are you able to see the device on your Bolt Cloud Dashboard on Web?

Yes I can wait for these features
I just want to know as you told some are available so acess to other traing course is it available?

Regarding raspberry Pi yes I can see it in cloud
I have attached a screenshot with error


So this opens up when you click on your Device from the Devices section on Bolt IoT App right? That means the Raspberry Pi Device is visible on your App? Please confirm that as well as whether you can view the device from the Cloud Dashboard.

The All Training access can only be provided to the new Cloud Pro members, with a yearly subscription. We do have a campaign where you can avail all the courses (excluding the one you already have) on a much better discount. You can go ahead with that, as you don’t have to wait for that. Let me know if you are looking forward to that offer.

I am able to view from dashboard on bolt clid
But not on app

Regarding course I am a bolt cloud pro yearly user
So how can I watch thee course


Did it cost you Rs.450 for the yearly subscription that you purchased earlier? Or did you subscribe anytime soon?

Also, since it is under the Coming Soon section, it is not confirmed yet when the Pro users will be able to avail the course (New Subscriptions with the new pricing from October, 2021)

I purchased it recently but i only paid 450 I guess i purchased it in December

Are there any updates

This is not the issue relate to cretificate this is related to acess to page of raspberry Pi on app and ml course

The issue of certificate has been resolved


Apologies for the mistake. Please share a video of the inability to view the page on the App, while it is visible on the Cloud Dashboard. You can show both in a single video.

You can upload the video to drive and share the drive link with us. Mail the same with the query to akshayan.sinha@boltiot.com.

It has been a few days I have contacted you regarding the issue on your email but I have got no response

Hi @hemsharan2050 ,

As I can see you are already on the Bolt Cloud Pro plan and your plan is expiring on 25/11/2022. Regarding the Also i am unable to see my raspberry Pi device on Bolt IoT app- This is a beta feature and you might face some issues. We are looking into this and will prioritize it in our plan soon.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

ok i understand that do let me know if issue is solved