When will my training start after I placed the order

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I have placed the order and it says 2-3day for tracking number. When will my classes start after the delivery of kit

hello @dheerajbisht362 if you have paid online then as soon as your kit comes to you the training gets started but if you have choosen for COD option then it takes some time for them to verify it, and then you can start the training.


@dheerajbisht362 you can access your training after paying the money.after completion of the payment you will get the mail to access the course.

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No mail is sent regarding training material.

you will get mail after you receive the kit.

You starts your training as you get the kit
Wish you happy learning.

Hiiii… @dheerajbisht362 , due to lockdown, there may be some delay in receiving the kit, till then you can see the online lectures as of now

Log in to https://cloud.boltiot.com with the account you used to order the kit. After logging in click on my account and there is an option called training to your left
click on it. It will show your orders and the delivery status. Two days post receiving your kit you’ll get access to the course.

Hope this will help you

You will receive a mail with invoice if you paid your fees online. After 4-8 working days your kit will arrive but due to lockdown and corona, it may take more days which will depends on your location. Also you will get tracking details within 2-3 days.
If you paid fees, you will definitely receive mail. Follow the instructions within the mail to start your online course.