While completing the course we will need to answer two questions

we will need to ans two questions on forum boltiot and share the link. but where we will need to share it?

In order to get certificate you should get atleast 50%.
the total marks are divided as follows:
40%-projects on hackers.io
40%-mcq exam
20%-from the questions you answer on forum.boltiot.com

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Yeshwanth L M

okay. but we will have to share link of that ans anywhere? haven’t it?

Yes, ofcouse during the final certification test you need to paste all the links which will be asked during the test

okay. that means i have to save all that links and paste it while doing test.

Yes, to do it in a better or easy way create new notepad file paste all your links and paste it whenever needed
Hope you are clear with the doubt.


and one more thing about project. what i have to do for that? any video or database?

You will need to create a project on hackster.io and submit the link when asked for it on the certification exam.
This will be the certificate of completion of the training

There is an option to copy link of your response from there we can copy !

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@gauravmore283 please verify once before giving exam above image uploaded point no.4,5 &7
Further doubt to any one please refer link below -
Hope every one get clear in this topic.

is project can be any thing? or it as to be any specfic project ?

@vaishnavidornala09 the project should be somehow different than that of the capstone projects as well as the projects which are discussed in the course.

So basically you have to create a different and unique project which must use Bolt Module. It can contain any other device like (Bolt + Arduino , Bolt + Raspberry Pi, etc ). Publish it on hackster.io so that the officials can review your project correctly. Do make sure that you format your project along with proper documentation and pictures


thank you for information… u mean project can be of anything about web development?
may i know in detail that what is meant by Bolt Module and how to publish project on hackster.io ?

Oh @vaishnavidornala09 you are enrolled in the Web Development course ? Then you don’t have to use the bolt module, I was assuming that you were enrolled in the Bolt IoT and ML Training for those students BOLT module is a familiar figure.

You can check the layout for your Certification Test in your course contents, There must be a section in your training at the end titled as Certification Test. There you will find all teh minute details which will automatically clear your doubts. :slight_smile:


may i know what type of questions were asked in final test

@vaishnavidornala09 , the questions which will be asked in the final test will belong to the course contents itself, so make sure that you go through the chapter / sections thoroughly

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i mean are they mcqs?

Yes they are MCQ. You can check the structure in the Certification Test section of the training