While making the telegram project it is throwing ( bad request: chat not found) even after correcting and checking many times

Code is written and checked correctly…can anyone help by attaching sample conf.py with only channel details…I do not seek your APIs!

Hi @vatsal.agarwal_cs23

Please make sure that you have correctly configured the telegram bot with the code. Can you share screenshots of your code files? This will enable us to provide you with a better solution?

Sure sir, This is the code:

Hi @vatsal.agarwal_cs23

Please share your repl with us by clicking on the invite option and enter the email : support@boltiot.com

Okay sir
I have sent the invitation at
Please look into it

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Hi @vatsal.agarwal_cs23

I replicated your project and I was getting the same error. After debugging I found that there is no error in you code , instead the error you are getting is because you have not given admin rights to the telegram bot.

  • Go to you telegram channel description. Click on Administrators.
  • Then Your Telegram bot will be displayed, next to it there will be three dots, click on it and select “Edit Admin Rights” and save.
  • Make sure all your credentials in the cnf.py are correct
  • Done, Run your code again.
  • Now you should get the temperature alerts on your telegram channel.

Below I have attached screenshots for your reference.
If you are facing issue I suggest you to start over again by creating a new telegram bot and telegram channel. If you still face any issue, please feel free to get back to us.