Why does Bolt use a very specific voltage of 3.3V

I was wondering why bolt uses 3.3 V to operate. Not that I have any issue nor do I know any better but I was wondering if there was some reason to operate on that very specific decimal voltage.
Thanks in advance

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The components used in bolt requires only a small voltage for its functioning.

Hi there, all electronic gadgets need specificities to operate, your headphones, laptop, light bulb etc. all operate on specific voltage. Arduino operates on 5 V. Bolt was engineered to use less voltage and they could take it down to 3.3 V. If we supply less voltage then it wouldn’t power up and if supplied more, there is an inbuilt voltage regulator that will convert the voltage to 3.3 volt

Among the most commonly used board , Arduino runs with 5V power supply and Bolt uses just 3.3V power supply . Bolt has an inbuilt voltage regulator which converts the 5V adapter( Phone charger ) voltage to 3.3V as the power consumption is less for Bolt Module to work.