Why i am getting error in importing this module in pthon program

The ModuleNotFoundError is raised when Python cannot locate an error. The most common cause of this error is forgetting to install a module or importing a module incorrectly. If you are working with an external module, you must check to make sure you have installed it.

Hello @yuvraj.khatri107314,
Looking at your code, there is no import error for the library but an indentation error in your code. Just remove the space before the 2nd line and I think it should run. After doing that if it specifies ModuleNotFoundError then, try installing the particular library in python.

Hi @yuvraj.khatri107314
The ModuleNotFoundError is showed when you are importing the module using the wrong path or wrongly spelled the module name. Also module names are case sensitive.
But in your code, error showing is indentation error. So, remove the space at the beginning of the 2nd line and try it again.
Hope, it’ll help.