Why is my BOLT not connecting to any Hotspot/College Wi-Fi even after too many tries?


I’ve tried almost 50 times to connect the BOLT device to hotspot. Everything is going right till the selection of Wi-fi/Hotspot. In start, blue light is blinking slowly, then it starts blinking fast and goes off after selecting hotspot in the BOLT App . But the problem is, whenever I select the Wi-Fi Hotspot in BOLT App, blue light goes off for some time and after few seconds it starts slowly blinking (starting phase, where BOLT is providing its own wifi hotspot). After saving the country, a window comes with “stable Blue light indicates BOLT is connected to the wifi and Green indicate… bla bla” But in BOLT Hardware, Fuckin blue light is still blinking in its starting phase. And in BOLT App, Device is successfully added but its showing OFFLINE. What is the problem??? please help.

My BOLT hardware version is “2” and Firmware version is “1.0.1” and {FCC ID:2AHMR-ESP12S ISM2.4G 802.11b/g/n} written on hardware chip.

this is my bolt device.

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Hi Sanwar,

The issue might be due to providing the wrong password of source wifi. But since you have tried connecting the Bolt to wifi multiple times, there is a very low probability that you have entered it wrong. Still, make sure that you are entering the correct password.

Bolt doesn’t connect to wifi source working on 5Ghz, so make sure that your wifi works on 2.4Ghz frequency. Do try to connect to the mobile hotspot which is not open. Also, connect to Hotspot of some other device apart from the one which you are using for configuration.

If you still face the issue, call me up @ 9049933918


Thank you @yeshwant.naik for calling me, I got the problem now. You were right, my BOLT is connected to internet but not connected to cloud. The cloud it was connected to, was saved in BOLT. I did my problem solved by "" which is actually not exists. This thing gets my BOLT Device to disconnect the saved cloud information whatever it was. After that I connected it to a regular hotspot and now it is working fine.
Thanks again for your help. :wink:


My mobile hotspot is 2.4 GHz, can i connect to it

Hi Abhijith,

Your Bolt device will connect to 2.4 GHz wifi source. Do let us know if you face any issue.

Hi abhijith
Yeah sure.You can connect your network to the Bolt