Wi-fi (wireless fedility)

I have an doubt about on wifi module:
while we are using a GUI to connect a wi-fi module to internet (in boltiot) but behind the GUI there is a backend programming. I want to know about what is the steps for connect a wi-fi module to internet by using a command-line terminal either in windows or linux or macos.

  1. how to fetch a wi-fi IP address in Command line?


Can you clear one thing with me, if you are asking how the app connects the wifi module to the WiFi network? Or about the internet connection on that WiFi network.

Because The module is only connected to the wifi network, it is your wifi that is connected to the internet and has its services.

Mr.@akshayan.sinha sir, I am asking about how the app connect the wi-fi module to wi-fi network?


Once your mobile wifi is connected to the Bolt’s WiFi network, the app takes the WiFi credentials of your Home WiFi and sends it to your Bolt Module ready to be connected, when the network is available.

You can manually connect your Bolt Module over WiFi (the one it is connected with) using the below method.

  1. Install Advance IP Scanner (eg. Download_advanced_ip_scanner ) in your laptop.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network the Bolt is connected to and find the IP address of Bolt. You can find the Bolt IP by the Hostname which will be something like “Expressif”. Note down the IP address of the Bolt.
  3. Type the following URL in your laptop’s browser after replacing <IP_ADDR> with the Bolt’s IP Address.
  • Replace <HOTSPOT_NAME> with the name of your phone’s hotspot and replace <HOTSPOT_PASSWD> with the password of your hotspot.
  1. Now your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to new wifi ( here it is Hotspot )

Now you should understand how it connects.

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Mr.@akshayan.sinha sir thank you for your valuable response. But I have an little more doubt that is, the above steps is also suitable for all wi-fi module like esp8266 and other version esp wi-fi models to connect in hotspot?


Most likely yes. This method should work unless there is extra support of a firewall in any dev board or wifi board.

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