Wifi bolt is not transmitting wifi.not blinking the blue light and not connecting to my phone.this is the first step to develop iot devices.please help

download bolt IoT app in your smart phone
follow the steps given in the app…
but as I see in your picture green light is on so your created a device !!!
if not created the create it … check the training modules…

Yes I’ve downloaded the app . it is showing the instructions to be followed.i followed the proper instructions till now. In second step it is shown the blue light will blink slowly but in my case it’s not happening both the lights are on and stable(first time user)
And hence when I am clicking ready on app and opening wifi settings as the instruction said.
I cannot see the BOLTXXXXXX and hence not being able to continue… Please help :pleading_face:

Hi @inbox.afifasiddiqui ,

Please record a video of the issue and share it to support@boltiot.com. After checking the issue, we will arrange a replacement for your device.

Yes sir, Thank you so much for replying…

Mail sent along with the video… :hugs::hugs::hugs:

don’t use mobile network use Wifi…and try

Hello sir,
It has been 3 days since I have sent an email… Still got no replies… Kindly help regarding the same…

I’ve explained my issue earlier and also explained the same in email along with the video…