Wifi Connectivity Issue after firmware update 1.4.2

I have used bolt device before for my projects and it worked completely fine. I updated it to the latest firmware version 1.4.2 and reset my device to connect it with my wifi and it got connected but the issue is if I restart my device it does not reconnect automatically I have to manually configure it to connect my wifi again and same things happen again if I restart my device

After updating firmware version completely use the previous wifi which you have used to connect. After that you can change your wifi connection.

I did but same issue i got.When I connect it to power supply blue lights starts to blink very slowly and does not connect for a long time also it stops working from between it shows device offline even when its green light is on and my wifi is working properly. I am also not able to reconfigure it using my bolt application.

When you turn on the bolt device blue light will starts blinking slowly which means it generates its own hotspot. So, first you have to connect the bolt module hotspot to your device using the password given in the documentation module. After the connection is established then only you can connect your Bolt wifi module as per the steps described.
The password for the WiFi hotspot transmitted by the Bolt WiFi Module is: bolt1234
Go through the link https://docs.boltiot.com/docs

but why do I have to connect it again and again to same wifi network, before update i only had to set it up once and then it use to connect automatically to it whenever turned on…

yes i have the issue after updating the firmware version my previous wifi connection get disconnected then again i have to set it up using the bolt module wifi hotspot to get connected to my laptop or mobile using the password bolt1234. After that wifi connection is established
and now my bolt is running fine.
And one more point while connecting with the mobile with the Bolt wifi hotspot password just turn off the mobile data otherwise you will not get connected to the hotspot.