Wifi controlled 3 wheeled robot issue

So I tried this project and the only issue I found out was that when clicking the front arrow key from the html page , The motors wont rotate fast at all compared to clicking the other keys. I checked my hardware setup if any connections were loose and checked the Arduino code if there were any delay variations but everything was fine. Can someone please help to solve this asap.

Hi @varunjkp2001,

Please open the console in chrome and check if it is showing any error. Also share the screenshot of the console.

I just checked the project that you highlighted.
The only solution to your question lies in the Arduino code.
If you check the functions of moving Right or Left side, the functions contains delay(delay_time) line. This line allows the wheels to rotate for some time and then stop. But in Forward and Backward functions there is no delay function used, thus actions occur for very small amount of time. If you press the forward button too many times then you will reach the maximum API counts so be careful over there.
You can solve this issue by adding some delay in forward and backward functions so the car will keep moving for this delay amount of time.

just found out that the motor driver iam using is a mini l293d motor driver pcb which doesn’t have in3 and in4 ports since they are connected to gnd which might be the cause of the problem.

this is how it looks like

Hi @varunjkp2001,

Please try to find the schematics of your Board, and share the same with us. We will be able to help you out accordingly.

will this do