WiFi issue on resistor change

Hai there everyone,
So i have created a topic related to my issue of Bolt green light is stable and no blue light
and the very next i was able to solve it and connected my module to WiFi successfully.But on the very same day i noticed the values that LDR is sending over cloud are all same of 1.02 thousand.

So following the instructions and searching for alternative solution in bolt forum,i changed my resistor to the value of 330 Ohm which in turn it gave me the same old problem mentioned above(link).
After connecting 330Ohm resistor,the module has stopped connection to WiFi,only the green light appears when the power is given and the blue light is not even showing up for a millisecond(totally off)
For 330Ohm resistor

For 10k ohm

Problem to be rectified

  • Make the module to get connected to WiFi when the 330 Ohm resistor is still connected and the values of LDR change (unlike repeating the 1.02 thousand value all the time) for the intensity of light changing .
    I tried
    *from module side, i tried reconnecting the sensor and resistor many times. And also switching the WiFi router on and off.i tried almost of the routes and non of my thoughts had worked.
    please help me finding relevant solution,
    thank you in advance,
    have a nice day

Since u have tried no of times LED must have got heated up …try after some time and check if the bolt iot app is connected to ur wifi module as well as to ur home wifi

And as for your light intensity readings …readings range from 1.02 thousand to 0 depending on the light falling on the LDR …try changing the light falling on to the LDR by switching on and off ur room light or using ur phone torch then u will find variation in your readings
all the best

thank you for your response,
i gave almost a day gap and tried again,but nothing has changed.
yes i tried changing the light intensity but the problem is that its not connecting to wifi when i use 330 ohm resistor
thank you

try keeping the circuit in a darker light , the value will change between 150-300

Hi @preethamkanna1998:

Have you tried connecting the circuit via the breadboard which is given as a part of the kit?
Try making the circuit using the breadboard, and connect the circuit to the Bolt using the Berge pin connectors which have been provided.
I fear that you may be shorting the circuit while making the connections. If you make the circuit on a breadboard, this possibility will reduce tremendously.

Secondly, try using a different power supply for your circuit. Using a lower resistance for the circuit causes it to dram more current from the power supply. If you are powering up the device via your laptop, it would be best to test the circuit out with a wall charger.

thank you for your response,
yes first i tried it on module and then i tried it on bread board nothing is working at all only the green light glows.And the power supply,i tried supply from my CPU and charger and power-bank with both 3.3 and 5v and nothing seems to work.I removed the LDR and placed an LED in place of it but i just changed the terminals to 5v and GND but not a0.I checked it with and without resistor and it work perfectly.But when i Do the same with LDR on 5/3.3v and a0 with any resistor connected to gnd and a0 is not working and only green LED shows up and not connecting to wifi.
thank you

Hi @preethamkanna1998,

This seems like a unique issue which we may not be able to solve via this forum.

I am escalating this issue as the 1st instance of a newly discovered bug in the system.

I will need you to take a video of the full behavior you mentioned in the earlier post, and ensure that you show the behavior of the system when you connect and LED, as well as when you connect the resistor between a0 and gnd pins, to show that the device stays offline (Does not connect to wifi).

Please upload the video to google drive, and keep a link to the video ready. Ensure that you set to allow anyone with the link to view the video.

I have sent you a bug escalation email, please reply to that email with the link to the video.