Wifi model issue

Hi, When I try to connect my Bolt,it connects and goes online, after few seconds, it disconnects automatically and then I am unable to connect again, even multiple tries. This has happened may times . Please advise how to connect and keep it online always. I am connecting to home wifi, and as I said, I can connect it after a long break, but not immediately after it goes offline. This is very annoying and frustrating. i request replacement of bolt iot kit.

Dear @venkataganesh509,
Such an issue was faced by me earlier as well, as I was using university wifi. My university has many wifi with the same name and with different bandwidth. So, you have to check the bandwidth of your wifi network, and it should be around 2.5 GHz. I was unable to connect my Bolt IoT module to the 5 GHz wifi network. The second issue can be your wifi network is not stable, so it may be that your Bolt wifi module is unable to connect very quickly. This problem can be solved by using your mobile hotspot. You can connect your mobile hotspot to the Bolt wifi module and make sure that your mobile is connected to your wifi network.

I hope this information helps you solve your problem.


Hello @venkataganesh509
This may be due to the USB cable used. Using a cable other than what Bolt IoT has provided can be troublesome. Therefore ensure to use only the provided USB cable. Also double check whether your connection is proper or not.
Hope that helps.

Hi @venkataganesh509 ,
Please record a video of your Bolt module when you perform the setup and upload it on google drive and share the link so I can see the status of the lights.

hi @raghav.srivastava
these is the link of setup wifi module.
video link

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@venkataganesh509 Can you elaborate on the issue? You said it automatically disconnects from wifi, does the green light or blue light start flashing?

hi @raghav.srivastava, firstly , when i turn it on it doesn’t connect to a mobile or my pc, but the blue or green lights turn on automatically which can be visible in the video

@venkataganesh509 did you previously connect it to any wifi network?

This may be due to your Wifi being 5 Ghz bandwith.