Wifi module not responding

The wifi module is not responding when i connect it to the power supply. The blue light only blinks once and goes off. i am not able to connect it through the app as there is no power supply to it … Please help

i am using this module almost after a year. first the blue light was blinking then i tried to connect to the internet using the app … for some reason it did not connect , so i turned the module off and cinnectd it again since then only the blue light blinks once and goes off.

Chances are, you have somehow damaged the module. Contact the team by mailing them support@boltiot.com. Request for a replacement, and hope they accept it.

Check your module properly it might be damaged.
If not see if you are not shorting any of the wires.

Hi @m.nabeel,

Please record a video of this issue and upload this video to google drive and share the public link of this video with us. We will arrange the replacement of your device after reviewing the video.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

First you have to read the instructions carefully and do accordingly. Connect the wi-fi module again and check the connection once more. Look for the proper blinking of led lights on the module. Still if its not working it might be a defect in the wi-fi module.