Wine Storage System

Best Temperature Monitoring System for Wine Storage?

@oliverthomas2314 you can build such a system with the temperature sensor provided with the Bolt Training Kit, the LM35 sensor as it is very simple to use.

Check out Temperature monitoring system using LM35 (Temperature sensor)

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Hello @oliverthomas2314
Wines are usually stored in slightly cooler temperatures i.e, in the range of 5°c to 20°c, and hence as @raghav.srivastava suggested we can use LM35 to monitor the temperature, as it can measure temperature in the range of -55°c to 155°c, therefore we can keep the threshold values as 5°c and 20°c and monitor the temperature.
Also, we can use the LDR since we need to store wines in a darker place for better quality and hence monitor the light intensity as well.
Hope this was helpful.

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