Wrong arrangement of the course module

HI again! There is this wrong arrangement of certain videos in the course, because of which I personally got stuck as I wanted to follow the course serially. The videos are ‘Creating product on Cloud’ and ‘Linking Product to Device’. Unfortunately, the order of the videos are given opposite to what I just mentioned.

Please kindly rectify this and also other such probable video-order discrepancies further. Because it’s a BIG hindrance on our flow of learning.

For now, I found this arrangement of certain videos in wrong order. If there are any more then please do have a look.

yes mam there is a glitch in sequence of videos of creating product cloud and linking product but this is understandable & its not a big issue after all they are humans too, except this course is worth it.

Yes, no one said that they aren’t human. Since, it’s a paid course it is all of us’s responsibility as a community to make the learning experience more smoother for all, both by reporting the glitches as well as rectifying those.


Thanks for informing us about the issue. We have noted the concern raised by you. Will get this sorted.

Hi @sahelikantha and @someshpathak111,

Thank you so much for the reporting this issue. We have fixed this issue.

Do let me know in case you need need any other information.

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Hi! There is another thing…that I couldn’t find Project 2 anywhere in any module. There is Project 1 and 3 but no project 2.