Wrong output of the light monitor system

The data collected by the plant monitor system gives 1.02 thousand instead of 0

Hi @parijatkundu244,
Actually the data varies according to the light intensity. When the LDR is completely exposed to light then the value goes to 1.02 thousand and when there is complete darkness, then the value becomes 0. So you’ll find the data value changing according to the light intensity falling on the LDR.

Here is the example:-

Why we do not configure the hardware for LED light??

@parijatkundu244 Which LED light and project you talking about?:sweat_smile:
Please give me more details so that I can help you out.

It’s about LED on and off project in which we write the js code along with the html code…why don’t we configure the hardware in that .we must connect the led light to the A0 pin and must declare a variable.

It’s necessary to specify the hardware connection. A0 pin is the analog pin. You don’t need to connect the led to A0 pin. Rather connect the led to any of the digital pin numbered from 0-4 and then configure the hardware and then write the code.

Exactly I was able to on and off the LED without configuring the hardware only I configured the code and I was able to switch on and off the LED how is this possible??

Oh okay😅. Can you send the code?
I think it’s because you have specified the pin numbers in the code itself. Because if you have specified the pin number in code then you need not to configure hardware. Because we configure hardware to use it as a variable for that pin in code.

@parijatkundu244 You will need to setup the product config in case if you are receiving data from it. If you are only going to send commands to the GPIO pins of the Bolt, then you do not need to do the product config.

Also, try changing the resistor you have used and do the project in a dim room to get different values.

change the light condition of the room and check the update and you can click the deploy configuration button and can get the update quickly without waiting for minutes.