Blot IOT Device Not Showing on both mobile and cloud

Both Wi-Fi (blue led) and Cloud (green led) are stable but not showing on both mobile and cloud webpage.

In bolt app its not get listed but it gets connected to Wi-Fi as well as cloud as both the led gets stable.


I have just turn off my Wi-Fi. Then again follow steps which were on mobile application and it worked.

you please login out your bolt cloud and login in again then just check…

thank you ,

but I have re-login but that have not worked.

I have got the solution.

please my reply for solution.

thank you again for help.

if still its not working then please contact bolt coustomer care directly through mail or phone.
have u strictly follow the instruction given in training because its telling that not to touch the microcontroller of module and not to press it hardly. i dont know whether u have mistakenly done that…, if it happens like that the module will get some damage, so just carefull ok.


Please go through the thread for solutions to the similar issue.