Bolt IoT Innovation Challenge 3.0

Hi @rahul.singh1

In the website, it is mentioned that the deadline for Innivation Challenge 3.0 is 31 December 2021. I have submitted my project for the challenge in the previous month itself.

I just want to ask that when will the result for the same will be disclosed because for the last edition the result was delayed a lot. So, if you can just provide a rough estimate of the results then it will make things clearer.

Also, the submission time is over or it has been extended?

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Any update regarding this!


I shall check with the team and let you know of this.

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Okay @akshayan.sinha

Any update regarding this will also be great

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Waiting for that to happen :slightly_smiling_face:

@akshayan.sinha @rahul.singh1 I guess some update has to to posted from your end after 23 days.