Could not connect WiFi Module to the bolt app and Cloud

I went through all the steps carefully but after connecting the wifi module to my wifi router i faced some bug that caused the setup to interrupt and now my wifi module is connected to my wifi router but its not connected to my cloud account or my bolt app
I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help me


We have solved a similar query in the below thread. You can refer that for the solution.

If you are still unable to connect, let me know.

I have faced the issue while I tried to connect my wifi module to a new wifi network and in another device. I tried reconnecting my Wifi module by completely setting up the Wifi module from the beginning(I think I removed the device from my bolt app and added it again). It worked for me . If your problem still persist, you can try what I have done.

I faced similar issues earlier, what worked for me was-
1)Power off your Wi-Fi module
2)Uninstall the app, and reinstall it
3)Reboot your device
4)Try again, hopefully it will work