Could not find a version that satisfies the reqirement boltiot. no matching distribution found for boltiot

I followed all the given instructions and still I’m getting this error. I tried updating my pip but I cant
here’s the ss of my issue

Type pip3 install boltiot
Don’t use sudo.

If you face same error, revert back.

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I still am getting the same error

I did send it check it out

Run this, and then try to install boltiot.

pip install --upgrade pip

now this

I did send you again

Why aren’t you typing “–upgrade pip”?

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and I tried with single - too and I got an error

It’s still not working

Run the below commands one after another, not together-

sudo apt-get update 

sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev 

Its telling everything is up to date

I wonder what’s hampering the search.

Run below once

python3 -m pip install boltiot
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"could not finf a version that satisfies the requirement boltiot " is the error :confused:

@rahul.singh1 Please look into this.

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What Should be My Next Step now?

sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip

Give this a try.

Getting Error “You Must Give Atleast One Requirement to Install”

You typed sudo -H pip3 install right?
Instead of

Yes I did