Heating and Not Functioning properly

link ==>Problem I faced when it is tended to over used

I was working with Bolt WiFi Module from morning to night, connecting different products with different codes every time. I observed that the IC chip got heated very much. All of a sudden I faced the problem as mentioned in the above link. I completely switched off my module for that night, and in morning I tested my module with LED code product changing my output pin each time. All of my GPIO pins are producing very low current output. :face_with_head_bandage: Thought my Wifi module got internal damage. I kept it off.
That evening i once removed all of my product links to the module and tested it with Default LED program. MY LED GLOWN. :smiley: Checked with linking my products to it. ALL MY PROGRAMS ARE EXECUTED CORRECTLY :hugs: .
I Donā€™t Know what happened internally but this was my problem when i over used it.


Is your device still heats up? How hot does it get? A little warm is expected.

Regarding the LED not working, your API access was blocked as you had crossed rate limits.

my device is now functioning properly. not heating up over. as u mentioned a little warm only.

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