Help in connectivity

It seen’s like my bolt is connected by seeing green and blue light. but its not showing in bolt app . I don’t know what to do please help and sort it out mentor


Do you see your Bolt Device in the Dashboard?

Follow the steps given in the app properly, connect your wi-fi with good frequency and connect your mobile and bolt module with same wi-fi and login to bolt app with the same same credentials as in bolt Iot course login

No , its showing the green light of bolt indicate my board has connected to internet but it not showing in dashboard . I don’t know what to do . help to rectify that

yep , I tried all the guideline provided but it not shown in Mobile bolt app


Did you try setting up with any other WiFi network? Like using a Mobile hotspot as well?

yes I tried , but in wifi section bolt hotspot is not displayed . so I can’t proceed further procedures, pls help to sort it out


This happened when you tried setting up your Bolt for the first time, right?

Can you tell me which OS of Smartphone are you using? Is it Android 11?

yes ,sir can you sort it please


Please answer this as well.

realme ui 2.0 sir , android 11


In that case, you’ll have to use any smartphone with android equal or below 10 to connect the Bolt App with the Bolt device.

Download the Bolt App in any other smartphone, setup the Bolt Device with that phone and you shoould be good to go. You’ll anyways not require the Bolt App for the rest of your training, you can complete your training without the App as well.

Let me know if you face issues in setting up the Bolt Device from another smartphone.

Thank you sir let me try this


You can search ‘android 11’ on the forum and refer to the solutions other members have gone through and try them as well.

If you are still not able to relate or connect your Bolt to the cloud, let me know.

now its showing like this I don’t know what to do


After which step did this screen appeared?

after the three step to setup


Please mention what exactly was it, like “Entering WiFi router username and password” or “Connecting to the Bolt device Wifi”.

nope it appear. before the step sir which you have mentioned


Please mention what step exactly it was.