Issue of displaying graph in data visualization topic

After connecting to bolt cloud and uploading canvas.js and index.html to the bolt via d cloud and the adding new type and all dos steps shown in d video. Reaching d last step, i.e click on the bolt icon on the main page…it shoes u only the x and y axis of the graph. The grap is not displaying. The 1st tym I had done dis had worked. Again the next day wen I clicked on the icon, oly the x axis a d y axis was displaying n no graph.
Pls help me out with this.

Can u share the code here ?

i uploaded the canvas.js file ans the following code

<!doctype html>


<!doctype html>


Follow this. You will surely get the results !
click here

No sir M not getting it.Uploading…
Dis is all M getting. No graph.The proximity sensor is connected to d bolt via pin4.

Please share your code as a file. Pasting HTML file directly on Bolt Forum converts it into an HTML output.

i also tried replacing this line

with this:

Hi, can you share the device with me so that I can have a look. My email id is
To share the device, click on the Users button under the device in you Bolt cloud homepage. Then enter my email id in and press enter and share.

I have added you as the user. Please check as soon as possible

put this line after the line below console.log(yVal);
yVal = parseInt(yVal);

no, there is no change… still i don’t get the graph

Once you do the above step, right-click on the page and select inspect element option. This will open a window on the right-hand side click on console option there and refresh the page. Some data will be printed once the page loads. Send a screenshot of that.

Did you ensure that the device was on? This is the output I am getting for your device.

yes the device was on