Link bolt to cloud and wifi module connection in application

I was trying to connect “Bolt_wifi_module” to mobile but It was not working. Blue LED fast blinking but not stable, It means something went wrong.

Also, I was unable to find any products and devices listed in the cloud account. I followed video classes steps.

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Nisarg Vaidya

1)switch on your wifi and connect to boltXXXXXXX hotspot.(no password required)
2)follow the instructions in yout mobile app to ensure connectivity.
3)device will be visible when the module is connected to the internet(cloud LED should also be stable) connect the bolt module to internet through the app.

hope it was helpful

yes initially to set up u need 2 smart phones first connect to hotspot provided by wifi module then add wifi using the second mobile. once u finish the process the green light will glow and further u can use it using a single internet connection

we need to use 2 mobiles phones for the starting process of setup, a simpler way could be first connect power the usb connected to wi-fi module by either connecting adapter to the power socket or connecting the usb to the laptop for powering , at first when it will be powered on the blue wi-fi labelled led will start to blink slowly , then we need to switch off our mobile phone data and then connect your phone(in which the app is installed) to the wifi of the other phone you are using for hotspot tethering , once it gets connected your bolt-iot module gets connected to the cloud and the green led will turn on and the blue also gets stabled. Thankk you


And for - you aren’t able to find any products and devices listed in the cloud account issue, please mention a screenshot of your bolt cloud’s device and product section.
Thank you.