Project 6: Invalid API

I have typed the python code for device status in ubuntu server using vmware but it is showing invalid API. I generated a new API key and then saved the code again still it is showing invalid API. Below is the snippet of the code and output. Please help.

Hiii @samarpit.karar , you need to replace the new API generated with the old one in your code also

Heyy @deeptanudatta
Yes I did that, but still it’s showing ‘invalid api’.

Hi @samarpit.karar make sure you have refreshed the Bolt cloud page after obtaining the new API key. This might help.

Let me know if it works

Hey @meghanavidyadhar23
Apologies for late reply.
Yes I tried that, it’s still showing the same error.
Kindly help.

@samarpit.karar Have you made sure you have given the correct variable name both in the configuration file and the code?

Hi @samarpit.karar,

  1. Please run your program here VMware, Virtualbox, Digital Ocean all are not working : Solved and check if it working.

  2. Also try changing the API key from and check if it is working.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.