VMware, Virtualbox, Digital Ocean all are not working : Solved

Many times, people face the issue while installing the VMware/VirtualBox and or not able to link their card to Digital Ocean. The reason could be because of their laptop/desktop low configuration for Vmware/VirtualBox or International transactions is not enabled on thier card for Digital Ocean.

The main purpose of installing the VirtualBox/VMware/Digital ocean is to run the python code to control/monitor device. So after trying tall the steps, if you are still not able to use the above services, in that case, you can use the Online IDE to run your python code. The benefit of this is as follow-

  1. Works on any device
  2. No setup requires
  3. Collaboration features
  4. No need for high configuration laptop
  5. Easy accessibility of your code

One such IDE is https://repl.it. You can run all the python code of the training on the https://repl.it. I will use the https://repl.it to complete the telegram project.

Step. 1. Creating an account on repl

  1. Sign up an account on https://repl.it/signup
  2. Verify your email id.

Step. 2. Get the cloud details.

  1. Now down your API key from https://cloud.boltiot.com/api_credentials in a text editor

  2. Now down your device id from Bolt Cloud in the text editor. The device will be something similar to BOLT12345

Step. 3. Get the telegram details from the telegram app.

  1. Create the channel and bot as explained in the training.
  2. Then open the Telegram app in browser https://web.telegram.org/#/login. It is similar to WhatsApp web. The benefit of opening in the browser is that you can directly copy-paste the access token in your code and can avoid the typo error.
  3. The text ( for example - https://t.me/testing123rk), after t.me will be used to create chat id.
  4. Add @ at the beginning of the text and it becomes you chat it. For example "@testing123rk"
  5. Add bot at the beginning of the access token and it becomes you and bot id. For example "bot870246452:AAHvDx3zeuyO3rDoK9zcYGKt0bTeV7F1GOd"

Step. 4. Creating repl

  1. After verifying your account, you will screen as below. Click on the new repl

  2. Then click on the new repl button,

  3. Then choose Python from the dropdown

  4. Left the Github box blank

  5. Name your repl and click on Create Repl.

  1. After creating the repl, you will get the screen as below -

  1. There is a file with name main.py, when you click on run, this file get executed.
  2. Write print( "Hello I am using repl to run Bolt iot") and click on run, you can see the output in python terminal.

Step. 5: Installing an external library

We need to install boltiot library to run the telegram project, to install the same, go to packages and search for boltiot.
Select the boltiot and click on + icon and it will create a file with name requirement.txt that will store the list of packages you have installed.

Step. 6: Creating file

  1. Click on the create file icon and name it as conf.py and press enter.

  2. Enter your conf.py file code.

  3. Now write your main code in main.py file and click on run button.

Note: Do not share your username or code URL to anyone. Because you are using thier public services and anyone with your link can get access to your code.

  • I was able to run all my python program on repl.it
  • I am more comfortable in vmware/virtualbox/Digitalocean.
  • I was able to run my program on repl.it with some difficulty.

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Hey, I’m facing the same issue. Basically I’m using an old laptop so i guess the virtualization hardware is not supported on my laptop. Could you explain a little more about “repl.it”, in simpler words if possible, I’ve used python before and have the python IDLE on my laptop, is it the same?? What’s the difference?? I’ve searched the net but couldn’t understand much. And will not being able to use any of the above services affect my learning in the course further, or is it just additional tools thought with the course??
Thanks in Advance.

If you own a Raspberry Pi then you can also try the option in this thread: Using Raspberry Pi as a server: Alternative to VMWare and Digital Ocean

Sir I tried using repl,it for python programs , as told first example above , i was getting the output itself
but as soon as I tried execution of other programs of arithematic etc given in training , I am not getting output itself.

Can you resolve my problem and explain execution of other programs also please …


Sir , I am able to perform the python programming using repl.it but sir can you assist me regarding the project 6,7 . …not able to understand properly .

Hi @divyanarang97,

Can you share the screenshot of your code and screenshot of the error ?

sir can I proceed with is alternative for digital ocean droplet(https://repl.it/)?

Hi @reshmamandala.1999,

You can complete all the python projects on https://repl.it/ but I will suggest to you to first try with Virtualbox/Vmware.

My System configurations are not supporting for it…!

Hi @reshmamandala.1999,

Then you can use the https://repl.it/

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

OK.Thank you .if any problem I will be back again:slightly_smiling_face:

Hii @rahul.singh1
I am not getting how to do my 6th Project using repl.it .How will I get the API key.Is the API key is same for everyone?

Hi @reshmamandala.1999,

Can you share the details about the 6th project ? If you are asking for Bolt Cloud API key then you will get it from your Bolt Cloud Dashboard https://cloud.boltiot.com/api_credentials

In the python conf file, you have to enter your own details.