Regarding bolt module

I have powered on my device and the blue led starts blinking. I have used my laptop and my android charger for the power-up process. I have downloaded the Bolt IoT app and followed the setup process on my mobile. It worked great for the first time but when I tried everything but its only glowing slowly. What should I do

Hello @payal99kar,
I didn’t understand your problem.
Is your blue and green LED’s working?

The blue led is not connecting to any Wifi network. It is showing that the device is offline in the cloud.

I come across your problem that your bolt device is not connecting to any wifi network.
Here , is a point you have to notice that your bolt device connects to a device which you have connected during the setup of your bolt device to your bolt cloud .
And bolt device connects to a wifi only if it has high internet speed.

and what if it does not have high internet speed can I change the device which I used for wifi

Yeah, you can change the device which you have used for wifi, by again following the same steps during connection of bolt device to your bolt cloud.
here, is a link.