Stuck on wifi selection for bolt

Im using the bolt android app to try to setup the boltiot wifi module.
I successfully connected to the bolt’s own wifi to setup with the app. Then I reached the page where I have to enter my local wifi password for the bolt to access. After entering it, the app quicky pops a black screen and then shows the message “lost connection to Bolt. To troubleshoot …”. This is the second time I am linking the bolt module after a long time.
The bolt shows both green and blue light but its not showing the app or the cloud as a device.

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Have you tried to set up the device with any other phone with android version < 12?

Any old android device should do the work.

im using android 11 on realme 3 pro, its the same phone i had originally used to successfully connect to the bolt around 6months back


Then that should mean the Bolt Device is already connected to an account. Have you unlinked the device from the account previously?

You can start with cutting off the wifi it was connected with, to let the Bolt Module switch to hotspot mode and start the blue light blinking slowly. Then go ahead and use the app for connection. This way you’ll be able to go ahead with the setup. And check which account it was connected with previously.

It was connected to my account long back but now it isnt there. So I restarted the setup process.
The bolt blue led was blinking and I connected to its wifi using Bolt1234 password. And then the app shows the nearby wifi so that the bolt can get internet access. After entering the local wifi password. The bolt successfully connects to the local wifi and both the green and blue leds are stable. But its not showing the device in the app nor on the cloud dashboard


Yes, because it may be connected to the account which you set up the device with a long time back.

Which email ID did you use when you last set up the device (before today) ?

I’m not sure I think it must have been the same one.


Do the above-mentioned instruction to see if you get a popup with the account it was connected with earlier. Also, tell me the Hotspot Name of your Bolt Device (Device ID of the module).

I did the setup from scratch i.e blue led was blinking, connected to app, then connected to local wifi, then green and blue led remained on, but device is not showing in My Devices list on the app nor on the dahboard.
Device ID: Bolt290148

same problem with my bolt device . both green and blue led is on , but mobile bolt app is not showing any connected device linked to my bolt account .what should I do now?

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Mobile bol t app is showing the attached instructions while setting up local wifi network .


Which version of Android are you using? Can you repeat the setup process and shoot a video of the whole process? We shall see where it went wrong.

Also, I can see the WiFi connectivity. Which wifi network is that?

I am using Android version 11. Here is the video of the problem I am facing. Link is attached herewith. And initially my mobile is connected to bolt module , afterwards when it ask to set up network , then it’s gets connected to my home’s wifi. But it shows an error- “lost connection to bolt” to troubleshoot…" please guide me how to resolve this issue !

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I suggest you to use any other Android device and follow the same procedure. Preferably any old Android Device. You will only require the App once to connect the module to the Bolt Cloud.

Also, login to with the same email ID as the Bolt App to check if the Device is connected to the Dashboard.
Most likely the App is Crashing while sending the device details to the Bolt cloud to connect and the issue is on our App which we are trying to find a solution for the last few days. We will update the changes soon.

Till then, you can change the WiFi details on the Bolt Device manually by following below method. After connecting the Device to your Mobile hotspot temporarily, you can turn off your mobile hotspot so that the bolt goes into Hotspot mode, for you to redo the setup process smoothly.

  1. Install Advance IP Scanner (eg. Download_advanced_ip_scanner ) in your laptop.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network the Bolt is connected to and find the IP address of Bolt. You can find the Bolt IP by the Hostname which will be something like “Expressif”. Note down the IP address of the Bolt.
  3. Type the following URL in your laptop’s browser after replacing <IP_ADDR> with the Bolt’s IP Address.
  • Replace <HOTSPOT_NAME> with the name of your phone’s hotspot and replace <HOTSPOT_PASSWD> with the password of your hotspot.
  1. Now your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to new wifi ( here it is Mobile Hotspot )

  1. bolt device ? the Mobile device in which boltiot app is installed?
  2. I am using my home wifi network. so I need to connect the bolt module once again to my mobile device and then turn off the wifi ?
  3. my home wifi network?
  4. then i should turn on mobile data and personal hotspot, and proceed with it ?

when I am again connecting the bolt module to the power supply , then both green and blue led light up and becomes stable. Then in the available wifi network , it doesn’t show this bolt hotspot network.


Yes, that’s why I mentioned the step to use the advanced IP Scanner (with the 4 steps). So that you can change the wifi details (SSID and Password) on the Bolt Device (your bolt module) from your laptop itself.

and I should proceed
with the same mobile phone or any other old one?


  1. No, your Bolt Module.
  2. Yes, you’ll have to connect it to the Mobile hotspot temporarily.
  3. Yes, connect to the current wifi network your bolt device is connected with. (your home wifi in this case)
  4. No, after the Bolt device gets conncted to your mobile hotspot (disconnceted from home wifi), you can turn off your Mobile hotspot so that it switches to the Hotspot Mode (blue light blinking)


For the dummy network connection, any phone you can use. But when using the Bolt App to setup the Bolt Device again, use an old Android Phone.