Unable to link Bolt device with mobile App

I tried to connect the BOLT WiFi device with the app, but failed. The first time I follow the full process, at end the process asked for connecting to a wifi with the internet, I did that, then it do some loading then an exception occurred, after that the app hung & both the green & blue led become up and study. After that when I restart the app it again asks for add the device but when I startch for the BOLT wifi hotspot I could not found that, but both the led is up and study. Please help, I can not proceed in this state.

Please check if the mobile hotspot of your device is turned off. Also check for the compatibility of the mobile OS version on which you have downloaded and installed the Bolt IOT app.
You could also check with the thread where the similar query is solved. the link for the same is attached below …

Thanks, very much for your responce

I too was tired of connecting bolt wifi at first…so first add the device in mobile and then turn off your network and turn on your wifi by that you will get connected to wifi, there after u can see link to bolt cloud by that if will connect to cloud.

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@growthladder Hii…
You will need 2 mobile or 1 mobile and a wifi network if you have.
If you have 2 mobile them follow the steps.

  1. Switch off the hotspot and data in which you have downloaded Bolt IoT app.
  2. Switch on the wifi in the mobile.
  3. Connect to bolt module by enter the password shown in BOLT IoT app.
    4)Click on Continue, It will search for internet
  4. Turn on internet and hotspot in another mobile.
  5. It will connect to the bolt iot cloud.
  6. To use 1 mobile for bolt module and hotspot.
  7. now switch off the wifi and on the data as well as the hotspot of previous mobile
  8. Now you are ready with it.

Plz reply if it was helpful for you?

Thank you so much, Vinayak. It helped me a lot


First, ensure that your mobile data and the BOLT module is off
Second, follow the steps in the video to connect your BOLT module with the app
Third, connect the BOLT module to your home wifi or your mobile data so that your BOLT module will be connected to the cloud.
If everything went well then both the wifi (blue LED) and the cloud (green LED) LED on your BOLT module should be stable.
If an exception occurs ignore the exception, restart the app and you will see your device registered on your app, then click on the button LINK TO BOLT CLOUD and click the VERIFY WIFI SETUP.
Go to cloud.boltiot.com and check if your device status is ONLINE or OFFLINE. If it is ONLINE then you are good to go.

I had the same problem and these are the steps that I did when the exception appeared. Hope this helps. :smiley: