Where to get BoltIoT Module in Cape Town South Africa

H Guys

I’m interested in getting my hands on to this device but the Indiegogo page is showing my expected delivery date as February 2018 which is already in the past

@butawuf, can you please write an email to support@boltiot.com and they will help you in this regard.

Hi @butawuf : You could make the purchase on the Indiegogo page. Don’t worry if it says February 2018. Now we have the WiFi Module and Kits in stock so will it will be shipped within 2 working days time. Let me know in case you have any other query.

I tried making a purchase but it seems like you guys don’t have PayPal as a payment option unless I did something wrong please advise

@butawuf I could share a PayPal link and you could transfer the payment using the same. Let me know which Kit you are looking at purchasing?

This one.

$47 USD + Shipping
Arduino Adaptor Kit

@butawuf I have sent you a PayPal payment request over E-Mail ID which you have shared while registering on the Forum. You will find the details to share your shipping details in the note with PayPal. Do include your phone no with the shipping address as it is manded by DHL to include the phone no while shipping any kit.

I just made the Payment is there anything i have to do from my end?

@butawuf We have received the payment and the shipping address. Thank you. The kit will be shipped within two working days. You will get an E-Mail from DHL with the tracking ID as soon as it is shipped.

Thanks Sir got my tracking ID from DHL.

I’m going to send you an e-mail so we can discuss some opportunities as in what it takes for distributing your product this side as from what i see on your videos it could benefit a lot of people in IoT based in South Africa

@PPV my shipment was suppose to have been delivered last month but DHL is asking me to check with you guys if you can log a query with them and investigate as to what’s happening.

I’m suppose to use in for a presentation scheduled for next week now i don’t know what to do please advise

@butawuf Sorry for the delay. Your Arduino Adaptor Kit was shipped on 2nd of June and I see that it has been a month since then. I have written to DHL inquiring about the same and have marked you in CC in the same mail.

On the tracking site it is showing me that it has reached ZAJNBA, ZA. Hopefully they will resolve the issue soon. I am on to it and will try my best to deliver the kit to you by end of this week.

I had also missed out on your last message about opportunities to distribute the kits in South Africa. It will be great if we could work on it as delivery is becoming an issue for us and having distributors could solve the same. Though for now will look into delivering your kit to you on priority.

@PPV Please not it has been saying 09:07 PM LT ZAJNBA, South Africa Departed from Local Distribution Center
for the past 2 weeks and the date there it shows the 3rd of July and today is only the 2nd of July

Either DHL lost my shipment or their system is not working correctly

Good Day @PPV

Is it possible that you can send me a replacement asap as i don’t know if this Package is ever getting to South Africa.

I checked with the local Post Office and they confirmed the last update in their System was that the Parcel is in Germany.

Please refer to the attachment below

And for Interest sake why is it showing the Origin and Destination is both marked Germany?

@butawuf Sorry for the trouble you are facing. We are not sure why is it showing the wrong origin and destination for you. For us, it shows destination as CAPE TOWN, WESTERN PROVINCE, SOUTH AFRICA. We should be sending you a replacement by tomorrow with a faster courier service. Will try our best to get it to you by early next week. When is your presentation?

Also, in case it gets delivered then do let us know immediately by writing to operations@boltiot.com so that we could save on the expense of sending the second unit.

If it happens that i recieve it i will let you know and my presentation is on Saturday 14th of July

This is what i plan to showcase what i can do with BoltIoT and i have to play a bit with it prior to this day so i can have something functional and tested

@butawuf We are trying our best to get it to you asap. We should be sending an additional unit tomorrow to you via a faster courier service. We were not able to do it today.


May you please let me know if the replacement is shipped so that i can be sure i will be getting it in time.

Else i will have to plan on something else using what i have have at hand.

Seems like with DHL i will not be receiving my BOLT order at all